Unveiling the Unprecedented Features of Chat GPT: A Breakthrough in AI Communication

Hi friends,

In the last post, I have already explained to you How to use chat GPT in a simple way.

As you are seeing that Open Ai chat GPT technology is becoming popular day by day .So you should know about all the Unprecedented Features of Chat GPT.
In this post I will Unveiling the Unprecedented Features of Chat GPT-

So guys in this post we will discuss ALL the great features of chat GPT and I will also tell you the way of using chat GPT on mobile …

on your mobile also.

if you read my last post then you know how to log in to chat GPT …in a simple way after login on chat GPT website is https://chat.openai.com/.

you will see the below interface

you can click on new chat to interact with chat GPT if you want your queries related answers.

or see the below picture you can type your query in send a message text box …just like ..

what is chat GPT Plus feature

So on the other hand if you want to use the chat GPT Plus feature then you have to select the paid plan of chat GPT for this just click on the Upgrade to Plus the option of the chat GPT interface ..

you will see the below screen ..

Features of Chat GPT
image from chat GPT

By clicking on the upgrade plan you can easily use paid services of chat GPT Plus …

what are the main benefits of Chat GPT+ Upgrade Plan

As you have read from this post Chat GPT also has a paid plan. Now the question comes to your mind if a free version of Chat GPT AI is available then why you spent the money on paid chat GPT AI?

So guys in my opinion, if your requirements are less then you can continue with the free version of the chat

GPT otherwise if you have enough money and your need is high then you should choose a paid plan.

I am going to show you what are the main Features of Chat GPT available in paid Chat GPT AI plan.

1.Available even when demand is high-yes friends, if your chat GPT demand is high as compared to normal one then only paid plan of chat GPT provides you its availability for an unlimited period.

2.Faster response speed -As compared to the free version it provides you fast answers related to your queries. it saves your precious time.

3.Priority access to new features-this access is only for paid users .when a new chat GPT feature is out the paid plan users can access that feature easily as compared to free chat GPT users.

4.Nice Availability-While using the free version of Chat GPT, many times you must have seen that a message error message is shown on Chat GPT.

It has been removed because the number of users of Chat GPT is increasing day by day. Due to its excessive use, many times it keeps showing you error messages.

But this is only for those using the free version.
PAID chat GPT plan gives you better availability of chat GPT

now let’s see the settings of Chat GPT. On the left side below the screen click on the three dots picture …

you will see a settings window that ..like this..

image from Chat GPT

You can see in general Settings there are two options available that Theme and Clear all chats.

from the theme option, you can change the chat GPT interface theme by selecting Clear all Chats, you can easily be cleared all the previous chats or questions from your chat GPT accounts.

In the settings interface, there is also a Data controls option. whose interface is just like the below screen…

if you want to delete your chat GPT account permanently you have to Press the Delete account button. There are also Export data, Shared Links and Chat History, and Training options.

1.Export data –This option sends your chat GPT conversations data to your registered email id.

2.Shared Links-This setting option will show you your chat GPT shared links details.
3.Chat History and Training-From this setting you can manage your chat history and training.

At the last, there is also a Help and FAQ option exist in chat GPT settings….

By selecting this option you can easily access the help section of chat GPT as well as

you can read all FAQs related to chat GPT. this option is very useful for those users who do not know about chat GPT.

here you can find all the common problem’s and their solution that occur while using chat GPT open AI.

Help and FAQ feature interface is look like below….

Now most people want to know that rather than PC how to use chat GPT on mobile phones …

because a lot of people surf the net on their mobile phones so they want features like chat GPT …for their mobile also.

How to use chat GPT on my phone

AT this time there are three main methods to use chat GPT AI interface on your mobile phones.

    Open AI Playground: You can use a website called the Open AI Playground on your mobile browser. It allows you to talk to Chat GPT. Just open the website on your mobile browser and start chatting.

    OpenAI API: If you have access to the Open AI API, you can use it to make Chat GPT work on your mobile app or browser. This way, you can have Chat GPT as part of your mobile app.

    By using Third-party Apps: There might be apps available in your app store that provide an easy way to chat with Chat GPT. These apps use the Open AI API. You can search for “Chat GPT” or “Open AI API” in your app store to see if any of these apps are available.

Just remember that you’ll need an internet connection to use Chat GPT on your mobile device because it communicates with the model through the internet.


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