Google Bard is back! how can you use Bard

Google Bard is back! Yes friends, Google Bard has been launched again in more than 180 countries, with new updation.

In this post, I will show you how you can use Google Bard.

How you can use Google Bard

First of all type Google Bard on the Google search engine. you will see’ site

just click on it and open it

A Google Bard interface will be shown below ……..

how can you use Bard
Picture from Google Bard

Now sign in on Google Bard for using it with your Gmail account...

After that click on the Try Bard button …you will see the interface below …

Picture from Google Bard

Type in its text box to get answers to your queries.

Just like this …

Picture from Google Bard

not even that you can use Google Bard on your mobile also …


What Google Bard(Google AI chatbot) can do?

Google Bard is an AI platform that provides answers related to your queries in conversation mode just like chat GPT. As Bard is a Google new product so I think its performance is quite good than chat GPT.

Google Bard can give you answers related to your searches,

it can write blog posts, emails, songs, and poetry for you.

it can do coding for you…

it can also solve your mathematical questions…


Will Google Bard(Google AI chatbot) be free?

Google Bard is free to use for everyone who has a Gmail account.

How many languages does Bard speak?

At the current stage, More than 40 new languages have been added to the list of those supported by Bard, including Arabic, Chinese (simplified/traditional), German, Hindi, Spanish, and more.. .but still Google will continue to upgrade this by adding more languages and more features in Bard.

which is better Google Bard or chatGPT

This is a very tough question at this time because both are AI tools providing answers to users as per their recorded data.

Google launches Bard with new updation and new features while open Ai has a trained chatbot till 2022. So from this point, Google Bard’s knowledge is much more up-to-date than chatGPT.

As the four-line answer to this question is not appropriate, So I will show you in detail about this question in my next post.


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