How to Access, Navigate, and Leverage YouTube Advanced Settings for Ultimate Control In 2024

YouTube advanced settings

While working on YouTube, you will be comfortable only when you are well aware of all the settings of YouTube if you have complete knowledge of the basic settings of YouTube.

Along with this, you should also have good knowledge of YouTube’s advanced settings.

So now the question arises.

What are YouTube Advanced Settings and why it is important to know about it?

As you know from reading above

YouTube Advanced settings are the settings of YouTube that are completely different from the basic settings.

And which provides options to use such advanced features of YouTube.

With which you can do hidden settings of your channel.

In This post, I will give you complete information about YouTube’s advanced settings.

So, How do you get to advanced settings on YouTube?

To access the YouTube advanced settings options you must first sign in to YouTube with your Gmail ID, then
After signing in, the interface shown below will open. Here you have to click on Settings.
youtube Advanced settings

After this, the interface will open in front of you In that, you will see the option of advanced settings.

You have to click on it. (see the image given below).

youtube advanced settings

Now all the YouTube advanced settings options will appear in front of you. just like the picture below.

on the above image. You will see all the advanced settings options on YouTube.

These all are known as advanced YouTube settings.

I am going to give you details on these settings one by one …

1. User ID -This advanced setting option shows you a user ID code for your channel. You can also access your channel with this user ID. Just save this code for future use.

2. Channel ID- This also shows you a channel ID code like the user ID is also helpful for accessing and finding your channel.

3. Default Channel -Default channel option – Through this YouTube advanced settings option, you can make your YouTube channel the default channel.

4. Move Channel- This YouTube channel advanced option is amazing friends because it will move your channel to another Gmail account or another brand email ID account.

You would like to use this only whenever you want to sell your channel or want to shift the channel to another new email ID.

So friends, apart from this, if you want to know about YouTube mobile advanced settings, then you can click on the link given below.  👇     

  YouTube Studio or YouTube advanced settings for mobile

 What are the advanced settings for YouTube videos? 
If we Talk about the best-advanced settings for YouTube videos. There are so many things that come to your mind.
Best-advanced settings for YouTube videos.
whether you are a YouTube viewer or video creator. YouTube provides different and best settings for both.
YouTube understands well what a YouTube viewer wants and it provides the best quality features to watch videos. It also provides different settings options to enhance the watching experience.
for example SD, HD,(picture quality) etc.
There are also so many advanced settings available on YouTube channels for a viewer. just see the below picture.

Viewers can like and comment on the video And can give their opinion and feedback about it very easily.
YouTube provides a comment section below every video in which viewers can easily comment about that video. and also give valuable feedback to the channel owner.

Apart from this, we talk about what are the advanced best settings that YouTube provides for the creator.
YouTube Studio App.
Recently, YouTube has launched the YouTube Studio App. it provides almost all the best settings for YouTube Creator. YouTube keeps adding new settings to it according to the demand of time.

So guys talking about YouTube’s advanced settings, If you forget the YouTube Studio app in this, it cannot happen
If you are a YouTube creator, you can easily use YouTube Studio apps on your Android phone. You need to install the YouTube Studio app on your phone.

In the YouTube Studio app, Settings like Dashboard, Content, Analytics, Comments, and Money will be visible.

Not only this, but you can also use  YouTube Studio settings options on your PC.

So as you have learned by reading this post, what can the YouTube Advanced Settings option do?

Not only this, YouTube also has similar advanced settings which can be very beneficial for YouTube channel creators.

If you have a YouTube channel then you can also use these advanced settings and make your channel more user-friendly.

Channel status and features

These advanced settings are about Channel status and features.

In this, you can see which options are enabled for your channel.

1. First of all, basic settings related to the channel can be done in it like uploading YouTube videos, creating the playlist, adding new videos to the playlist, etc.

2. After this, in the second intermediate section, uploading videos of more than 15 minutes, custom thumbnails, live streaming features, etc. come.

3. It also has advanced features in which the feature of uploading daily videos and shorts etc. will be seen.

You will also see the option of monetization eligibility in this third option.

If all these three options are enabled for you.

So you understand that you can apply all the above-mentioned options in your channel.

Yes, you will not find all these features enabled in the new YouTube channel.

if you want more information on this topic send your questions by commenting to us.


What are YouTube’s advanced settings?

Although friends, you must be using all the basic settings of your YouTube, but there are some advanced settings options in YouTube that are used for some special YouTube work.

These settings are generally not visible to the user. But you can access it anytime.

I have told a lot about YouTube’s advanced settings in this post, you can read the entire post above.

Can I change my YouTube advanced settings at any time?

Yes, you can change easily your YouTube advanced settings at any time. However, some changes, such as verifying your channel, may take some time to process.

As soon as you access YouTube’s advanced settings, you can change anything in it.

What are some tips for using YouTube’s advanced settings effectively?

First of all, before using any YouTube advanced settings option, understand well what it is used for.

Although new options keep coming on YouTube, you have to use only those options that you need.

Because YouTube’s advanced settings are different for YouTube creators and viewers.


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