Google’s New AI Tool Helps You Write Better Emails(Gmail help me write feature )

Due to the increasing popularity of AI, Google has also launched ” help me write” AI feature in its Gmail Service.

Which will help the user in writing emails.

By the way, this feature is currently at the testing stage and Google is also taking feedbacks and suggestions from Gmail users to improve it(Gmail help me write feature).

Since this feature is in testing stage, you will not be able to use it directly.
But in this post i will tell you how you can use this Gmail help me write feature.

What is Help me write feature?

Google has brought a big update for Gmail users.

Yes, you will now get to see the help me write feature in Gmail.

This is an AI feature that will compose emails drafts for Gmail users.

You can call it the effect of Chat GPT that Google has added this new feature for its Gmail users.

People who have a lot of work on emails can now easily finish their work in a jiffy by using this help me write feature, that too in a very professional manner.

How to use the feature.

Now You would like to know how you can use the help me write AI feature.

Right now this feature is only on testing stage. But soon it will be available for all.

I will give you step by step information about how you can use it at this time.

You may not know that Google’s Help Me Write is now available in Gmail for Android and iOS for enrolled testers in the Workspace Labs program.

First of all You have to sign up to use this feature.

You need to go the site and click on Join Waitlist in the window that will open. A new window will open in front of you, in that window you will have to log in with your Gmail ID.

Gmail Help me Write
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After clicking on join waitlist. You will accept the terms and conditions of google workspace lab. Also you have to sign up this workspace lab with your Gmail ID then you will see window shown below…

Gmail help me write feature
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You will directly reach the Gmail Help me write feature of your mobile Gmail app. But please check whether this service is available in your country or not .

If you have already signed up workspace lab, then login to Gmail with the same email. You will see below window …WELCOME TO WORKSPACE LABS

Gmail help me write feature

Now if you want to use the Help ME Write feature.

Here are the steps on how to use the Help Me Write feature in Gmail:

  • Open Gmail.
  • Start composing a new email.
  • At the bottom of compose window  Click on the Help Me Write button.
  • The AI will generate a draft of the email based on your input.
  • You can then edit and finalize the email as needed.
Gmail Help Me Write feature ..

you can write email on any topic just type your prompt and this feature will automatically write full email on given topic. Just see the below screen

Gmail help me write feature..

in this help me write feature there are some further options available ..

Recreate- is you select this option this tool will recreate the entire email again for you.

It also have some others important options like Formalize, Elaborate ,shorten and I am feeling lucky .

By using these options you can manage this AI help me write tool.

Gmail help me write AI feature

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How can I help me write in Gmail?

To use the help me write AI feature in Gmail, you have to sign up in the Google Workspace Lab, then login to the Gmail app with the same Gmail id.

Then open Gmail, click on compose message, you will get the option of help me write in the left side bottom. For more details read my above post .

Where is the Help Me write button?

After signing up on Google Workspace Lab. Follow the steps given below.
open Gmail
Click on compose option.
You will see this help me write option on the compose window screen.

How do I start writing in Gmail?

for using AI help me write feature in Gmail just read my above post .

Gmail help me write feature not showing

So if the help me write feature is not showing in your Gmail, then there can be many reasons for this.

As this help me feature is still at the testing level, so to use it, first of all you have to sign up on Google Workspace Lab.

Only then you will be able to see this feature in your Gmail.

Gmail help me write feature release date

Google had announced the help me and write feature in May 2023 on Google I/O conference itself.

But it has become available for users in June 2023, although this help me write feature is still on the testing stage.

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