what are youtube shorts and How to upload YouTube Shorts / Earn money from youtube shorts videos

 So guys today I will give you information about youtube shorts what are YouTube shorts and how we can make the best youtube shorts videos or which is the best method to upload shorts?

And also how we can earn from youtube shorts video.

I will give you information about all these questions.

Youtube short videos are currently being seen a lot. This is a new product of YouTube and its reach and views are huge.

what is YouTube shorts?

This question must be coming in the mind of many people.

Videos of 60 seconds or less on YouTube come under the category of YouTube shorts.

what are youtube shorts and How to upload YouTube Shorts

Its popularity is high due to its length. Because people see a lot of shorts in a short period.

So you have come to know what is called YouTube shorts.

After this, the second important question is that…

How to make YouTube Shorts.

And what are the right and best methods to upload youtube short videos?

Friends, both these points are important. It is so easy to make YouTube shorts, that you can make them from your mobile and upload it as well. First of all, you have to create a YouTube channel

For this, you can read this post of ours.

How To Create a YouTube Channel Effectively and Make Money

Once the channel is created, you are ready to create or upload a youtube shorts video.

Well, there are two ways to make YouTube shorts.

One way is to open YouTube apps on your mobile but keep in mind that you log in with the same Gmail ID and use the apps from which you have created your YouTube channel.

So that your channel keeps showing on YouTube Apps. After this, on its first interface itself, you will see some buttons at the bottom of the screen.

It will also have a button with a + symbol. If you click on it, then some more options will open in front of you.

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In this create a short, upload video, and go live. All these options are available, you can easily make short videos by using Create a Shorts.

 But keep in mind that with this option you can make shorts of 15 seconds only. By the way, this is the correct length of time for the shorts.

In this, you will also get to add a music option. But this music option and music is for those who want to make short videos of 15 seconds.

Keep in mind this is an option to make direct youtube short videos.

But if you want to make shorts for up to 60 seconds, then you can shoot a short video separately and then edit it well and upload it to your channel with the option of uploading a video.

In the description of this type of shorts video, You need to put #shorts.

Where to get free copyrighted music for shorts.

By the way, YouTube only provides you with music and songs for a short of 15 seconds.

But for more, you can always use the YouTube Music Library. To access the YouTube Music Library. You have to go to the option of the YouTube channel, which is Crater Studio.

Here you will find the option of YouTube Music(Audio) Library on the left.

This is the best option for free copyrighted music and songs for youtube short videos.

Best way to create a short

 So friends, by the way, we have told you both the methods of making YouTube shorts.

But which is the best method for the two? It also depends on everyone’s own preference. And also on which category your channel belongs to.

But if you follow our opinion, then you should first shoot the youtube shorts videos separately and then upload them.

The advantage of this will be that you can upload it by editing it well.

Due to this, the quality of your video will be good and you can also add many features as per your wish.

What should be the best length of YouTube shorts?

See, if we talk about the best length, then you can make shorts in less than 30 seconds because all the top viral shorts are almost this length.

And YouTube itself tells you the length limit of direct shorts.

how we can earn money from youtube shorts videos

1. YouTube’s Shorts Fund

So the last important point of YouTube shorts is whether we will be able to make income by making shorts, so for your information, let me tell you that YouTube has released a package called Shorts Fund for shorts makers.

If your shorts video goes viral and gets million+ of views then YouTube gives you a shorts fund.

This fund can range from $100 to $10,000

This fund can be different for everyone and it completely depends on the performance of your short videos and YouTube.

If you have an original video and have a million views on it, then you can get short funds.

2.YouTube Partner Program

Another option for earning from YouTube shorts is the YouTube Partner Program. But for this, your channel should be monetized.

Only then you can earn income from AdSense.

Whereas there is a limitation in this if YouTube shorts are seen by searching with the browse feature,

what are youtube shorts and How to upload YouTube Shorts
Photo by Karolina Grabowska

Only then ads will appear on it.

But it is possible that in the coming time, income can be earned from ads in the shorts section as well.

3. Affiliate marketing

Apart from this, you can also earn money by doing affiliate marketing of any product in short videos. For this, you can join any affiliate network and promote its product through shorts. Like Amazon, Flip kart, etc.

4. Product sponsorship

If you have a large number of subscribers, then you can earn money from shorts by sponsoring too. You will find many companies that approach the shorts channel for product sponsors.

So as the craze for YouTube shorts is increasing among people, it seems that the demand for such channels will be very high in the coming time.

That’s why maybe YouTube can bring more features to increase the income of Shorts Creator, maybe money can be earned from ads in shorts like long YouTube videos.


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