Best Free audio-books/Ebooks apps in 2024 and how to download Audiobooks/ebooks from playstore..

If we want to know about the best apps to download audiobooks for free that will be available easily on the internet.

But if you want to choose a trusted platform to download and read free audiobooks and eBooks, then according to us The (Google Play Store) is the best platform.

Google play store

All the features of the Google Play Store are made world-class keeping in mind every single user.

and Verified apps and ebooks, audiobooks, comics, etc. from Google on this.

Most of the free and paid materials are available in Google PlayStore.

We will write about the rest of the features in the next post, which we are going to explain to you in this post.

That is how to download and listen to world-class and free audiobooks in the play store.

So for this, first of all, you have to open the google play store on your Android mobile.

You can see it on the below screen.

After that click on the option  (Books) shown on the screen.

Above and you will see some options, go to the end of all and click on the top free option.

The window that will open in front of you will have three options.

Ebooks, Audiobooks, And Comics Addicted

If you want to download audiobooks from these…

You can click on the Audiobooks option.

And download top free audiobooks and listen to them whenever you want.

Similarly, you can also download and read e-books and comics for free.

One of the best things about this is that it is Google-verified material.

And you will not get bored using them.

Apart from this, more options will be seen in this like top-selling and new accessories.

Top Selling – In this, you can see the best-selling eBooks and audiobooks in the world at this time.

And if you want to read or listen to them, you can listen/read.

New releases – In this option, you can see the list of new releases of e-books and audiobooks and you can also buy them.

The most important thing to see in this is that both these options show the list of top-paid ebooks and audiobooks.

So as you have seen that Google Play Store Apps is also a platform for the best free ebooks and audiobooks.

But friends, getting everything in only one place is also not possible because the choice of different people is also different.

So if we want to know the top famous free ebook apps in the world apart from this, then it is as follows.

1. Amazon Kindle – AMAZON KINDLE

So friends Amazon Kindle is the best eBooks platform on Amazon.

You can also download it on your Android mobile

If seen, it comes in the category of best eBooks apps of this time.

And considering the online data, it is the best free eBooks platform but some of its features are also paid.

2. Google play store-

Google Play store is the best apps store as well as the best e-books and audiobooks application.

Which provides you with world-class eBooks and audiobooks free and paid as well.

Above we have told a lot about how you can read these free Ebooks and audiobooks.

3. Apple eBooks – This is also almost the world-famous eBooks platform, it is also enabled with many features which people like very much. That’s why this platform is also very popular.


4. WATTPAD- This is also the best platform for free ebooks, in this, you will get all kinds of books and knowledge.

5. NOOK – This is also the best platform for reading eBooks. Its interface is quite good as well as it also provides magazines, newspapers, and comics apart from e-books.


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