How to increase subscribers on YouTube free in 2024

If you want to know how you can increase YouTube subscribers, then you have come to the right place.
So by reading this post you will know that. ,
  •     What is a YouTube subscriber?
  •      What happens if you increase YouTube subscribers?
  •      Why is it important for growth on YouTube?
  •      what to do to increase subscribers.
A subscriber is a viewer who subscribes to a channel to access its notifications and services.

To increase the subscriber on YouTube, you have to take care of the following things.

And this has to be implemented well, only then you can increase the number of subscribers on your channel.
The direct relation of increasing subscribers reflects your growth on YOUTUBE.
how to increase subscribers on youtube free

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How to increase subscribers on YouTube free

Upload videos consistently

1. To increase the subscriber on the YouTube channel, upload videos consistently on the channel, keep in mind that the time of uploading the video should be the same, and even if it is not possible, keep uploading videos continuously. This is the first rule of channel growth.
how to increase subscribers on youtube free

Make evergreen content

2. Make evergreen content videos as much as possible so that they do not lose their value even over time. But in this also keep in mind the category of your channel.
3. Do not ignore the trending topic either. You can also make and upload better videos according to the category of your YouTube channel.

how to increase subscribers on youtube free

Comment and other channels

4. The comment section plays a very important role to increase the subscriber. You can ask them to comment and take their opinion about the topic and their interest in the new video in it. Or you can also take their review…
5. Look at the top five channels with your category, and analyze them. See what kind of video he makes at this time, either make a unique video from him or see carefully what is missing in that video from him.
how to increase subscribers on youtube free
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If you make a unique video that provides good value on that topic, then views will definitely come on your channel and the number of your subscribers will increase.

 Interact with your audience

6. Tell the audience to like and subscribe in the last or middle of your channel.
Be sure to interact with your audience, whether it is knowing their opinion on a video or what kind of video they like to watch. If you take care of their likes and dislikes then this will definitely increase your subscribers and your channel with time will grow together.


7. Consistency is a word, although it is just a word for some people, to grow on YouTube and increase the subscriber, consider the one who has brought these words to a life well. It will take some time but his channel will definitely grow and the subscriber count will definitely increase.
how to increase subscribers on youtube free
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It is not, that other things do not matter. It is important to pay attention to everything in growing a YouTube channel, but the most important thing is content and consistency.


8. By the way, if you promote anything, then its value increases. In the same way, you can promote your YouTube channel, it can be free as well as paid.
How to increase subscribers on YouTube free in 2023
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You can also use Facebook, Instagram, Ka, or any other social media platform f
There is a lot of traffic on these social media.
By using this, you can use the traffic for the growth of your channel.

Paid Promotion –

9. For Paid Promotion, you can use Google Ads or Facebook Ads to promote your channel. Perhaps you do not know that in today’s time Facebook and Google Ads have become very cheap, you can also use them to grow your channel, and that too only within the budget.

Follow the top five channels

10. Along with this, follow the top five channels of your category, learn from them, and analyze them.
The most important thing is that comment on them and appreciates their videos.
You must be thinking about what will happen with this.
So you know that the audience of the category in which your channel is located is with those of the top five channels.
The audience will definitely come to those top five channels and if your comment is noticed by them then they may also visit your channel. This also has more chances of increasing your subscribers.

So you have already read above that what we should do to grow your YouTube channel and increase subscribers.

Apart from this, if you have any other questions or queries, then you must comment on us and write on which points you want the next post.

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