what is google assistance and why it is important

Google assistance is the same as your personal assistant. It works in the same way. Whatever work you ask your personal assistant to do, he does it. Just like google assistant gives the results of the searches and queries you say. 
Not only this, you can see it, it can also maintain your schedule and keep it. This is a part of Google’s AI, today’s technology has developed so much that we can get Google Assistants to work through just voice messages.

play, store
To use it, you just have to install it on mobile from the play store and do its basic settings.
Like this four times, Hey Google and Oak Google will be recorded in your voice.
After that, it will be ready to work.
Whatever query and data work you can find it?
Will speak for itself.
It is similar to doing a voice search.
It works just like Siri and Alexa.
Why it is important.
The next question that will come to our mind is, what is its importance.
So guys you know that 90 percent of the data we have to get out of Google itself or we can say that we get it only on google.
So Google will make this work more comfortable tomorrow.
Because you can get the result of every query just by speaking to google assistance.
Its big advantage is that the time of writing the query will be saved and the result will be the best.
Which COM does this?
You can get the calendar opened with Google Assistant.
You can set an alarm.
Notifications can be added.
Can play music.
You can listen to jokes, etc., can do all kinds of system and search work.

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