What is google play store. What are its importance….

What is google play store. What are its importance… 

Friends, if you want to understand Google Play-store in simple language, then you can read this post.

The Google play store has a hub of applications and appeals. In which you will find all kinds of apps.

 Which you can download and use, some apps will also be paid for, but most will be free.
you can use them easily
In this, you will get games, music, education, entertainment, news, etc.

Many types of apps will be available.
The name of Goggle is associated with this because it is Google’s own store.

Which Google itself has named play store.
This ok is similar to Apple’s app store.

This is a screenshot of the Play Store, in which you will find many options.
like for you,
Top charts
Or categories

A list of the best apps that comes

This For You- Play-store for you shows the list of the best apps that come. As for you, only the recommended list will appear in your option
In Top-charts- you will see the list of top 10 apps which are there at that time, you can choose your work apps from them and download and install them and use them.

In Children – you will see the best apps for children…

On the other hand, in this matter of categories, you will see a list of categories of apps.

Anyway, in this screenshot, the options of the apps with the option of games, apps, movies, and books will be shown.

Some of the best features of the google play store.
In Google Play-store you will find only apps verified by google.

This is absolutely true because Google has verified them and uploaded them to play-store.
2. You can use these apps whenever and as much as you want.
 You can download and use it any time you want.

This is also alright because download you can as per your choice as many times as you want.
3. In the Play-store, you will get information about each app in detail, how many people have downloaded it.
Which makes it easy for the user to know about it.

4. If you go to download an app in the play store, then we will get to see the list of its related or similar apps. Due to this, you will get the benefit of different choices.

5 The module of view and use of the play-store is so good that no one can live without being affected by it. Your interest in it will increase as you use it.

6 Play-store does not run its fees all over the world except for almost a few countries.
But Google is preparing a lot for this so that its features can be available all over the world.

7. The option of editor’s choice is also available in the Play-store
By selecting which you can increase your learning anytime. It comes with a very simple search, but the apps coming in, it will increase learning a lot.

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