What is Advanced google search tricks.

What are Advanced google search tricks?

Friends, we told you about some important settings of Google in our last post. Advanced Google
Search tricks are the next part of that, you can say that.

Getting information by putting your query or question on Google is an easy thing for everyone these days.

But along with these simple search tricks, Google’s advanced search settings are also available by Google. If you want some special or exact information related to your query, then you can use this option. For this, Google has given the feature of some search keyword techniques, this is what we call Google advanced search setting.

Today in this article we will give you complete information about advanced Google search settings.

This advanced search option of Google, you have to click on Settings at the bottom of Google’s page or you can directly type “Google Advanced Search” in the Google search box.

As soon as you click on the Advanced Search option, all the features related to Advanced Search will appear in front of you. ….

 1. The advanced search option which is on the first number shows us the same result which we type in this first text box. You can type your important keywords in this, the result that Google will show, your keywords will definitely be in it.
Eg. Latest News Headlines

2. This exact word or phrase – The second feature of Advanced Search also works in a similar way, due to the keywords typed in it, it will show you the exact same results whose title exactly matches with your keywords.
“Latest News”

3. Any of these words – In this text box, if you want related searches on any of the keywords
and or can be used between both
Eg. news or story

4. None of these words – If you do not want any words in the search results, then you can type in this search box by putting – in front of it.
5 Numbers ranging from- If you want some specific range of Numbers then you can write that range in this search box.
Friends, this is the special search option given above.
But along with this, you can filter your search by using the advanced search option given below in the remaining option list.
6 Languages- In this search box, you can filter the search results on the basis of language.
7 Regions, 8 Times of Search – also work in the same way. And you can also filter the search result by region and time.
9 particular sites and domains, terms, etc.
 10 Safe Search-
Talking about safe search, it is a great option for google advanced search results.
It gives you the result of filtering the explicit content. But the thing to keep in mind is that even this is not 100%.
Apart from these ten options, there are two more important options of Google’s advanced search option.

 A- File type – In this, you can get results based on the type of file. Such as .PDF,.DOCX, PPTX, etc.

 B-usage type – With this option, you can search the data related to the license of Google Pay results.
Key results data is free to use, copyright is free, license or commercially free to use license.

 Final words- So by reading the article you have written above, you have already come to know what are the features in google advanced search and how you can use them.
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