How to search on google with images and what are various methods of searching .

 How to search on google with images and what are various methods of searching.

As you have already read in some of our previous posts, what are some of the hidden searching tools of Google?
Today through this post I would like to tell you that “how to search google images” and what are its various methods of searching.

Friends, you will be happy to know that new features related to searching in Google keep updating.
All this keeps on changing according to the need and time of the user. And knowing these new features can prove to be very beneficial for you.

How to search on google image.

Doing a simple search in Google has become an easy thing for all of you.
But if you have any picture about which you want information from google.
You can do this with the help of Google’s feature Image Search.
I will give information about it in detail below.

First of all, to search by image, first, you have to enable this feature on Google.
To enable this, first of all, go to Google. Type in the search box.Search by image
The given picture will be seen.

You can easily search the data from the image by clicking the Search by Image option.
  By clicking this you will get two options.

1 paste Image URL – If you have only the URL of the image, then you want to search its related information or picture. So if I search the related data of the URL or do an image search, then you can do all this by using this option.

For this, the image URL has to be entered in the text box for this option, and click on the option to search by image.

2 Upload an Image– The second option of Search by Image is Upload AN Image, in this, you can load that image. Related to which you need information. Click on the option, select the image and click on the search by image.
With this, you can easily search for information related to any image.

So as you read how Google’s search by image option works.

Along with this, we will also give you information about different search methods of Google.

what are various methods of searching

Talking about the different methods of searching on Google, then you have already read one of the methods (search by image option). Apart from this, there are methods written below to search on Google.

1.Searching with Queries- This is the first and easiest way to search on Google, in this you have to surf the question and query directly in the search box of Google.

 Millions of search sites are shown in front of you related to that query and question.

2 Searching with voice- This is a new feature of Google. Through this feature of Google, you can search on Google only by speaking and whether it is a query or a question, you can search only by speaking…As soon as this feature is turned on
As soon as you say anything. It will automatically be typed on Google.

  And Google will show its related results. The biggest advantage of this is that it supports a lot of languages.

3. I’m Feeling Lucky– The option “I’m Feeling Lucky” appears on the right side of the type box on Google’s search engine.

After entering QUESTIONS or QUESTIONS in the type box, if you click on this option, then Google will directly open the top result of the first page related to the search on your screen. But remember it shows only one result. This saves your time but you will not be able to see many other options.

And if you leave the text box field blank and just click on them (I’m Feeling Lucky) option, either it will show suggestions according to your mood or Google’s list of past doodles.

Final Words So you have already come to know through this article that what are Google’s Different Different Searching Basic Methods and how to use them, if you liked the article, then definitely tell in the comment section and on which topic you want the article. Share your opinion also.
Thank you.


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