What are some important settings of Gmail and how can we use them.

What are some important settings of Gmail and how can we use them.

So readers, as we have already told you in our previous post about some basic features of Google’s Gmail service.
Today we will tell you in detail about some of the best settings of Gmail. What is the function of each of the settings of Gmail? And what can we do with it?

Gmail is a very popular service of google. The basic settings that it has. It is according to the categories given below. We will give information about this in detail.

By the way, many types of settings can be done in the general setting.

  Any settings you will need related to the email service.
You will find the option of all of them in this General Settings.

General Settings- Talking about General Settings, it includes Language, Phone Number: Default Country Code, Maximum Page Size Show with Page, Default Reply Behavior, Hover Action, Send and Archive, etc.

2.Label & Inbox-

So in the Labels setting option, you will get many types of labels to your emails like Inbox/Starred, Snoozed, Cent Draft and All Mails, etc.
Well, this option is very useful. You can use them according to your convenience and need.

3. Accounts and Import

– Accounts and Imports is an important option of Gmail Basics.
It is important to say about this that what is the use of this, with this we can change the account settings.

You can change the password of Gmail, you can import any other email and contact.

  You can add additional storage and do many other settings as you keep using it, you will get to know about it.

Apart from this, there are other settings of Gmail which I have tried to show in the picture.

Final words- As we have made you aware of almost all the settings of Gmail if you want any other article related to it, then definitely comment.
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