How we convert Youtube video to Mp3 and how to find YouTube to MP3 converter app

How do we convert YouTube videos to Mp3 and how to find YouTube to MP3 converter app

So as you are reading in the title. How convert YouTube videos to Mp3 is very easy.

First of all, you open Google. Then type YouTube video to Mp3 in it.

You will get the first result. By clicking on it, you will see the option as shown on some screens.

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As you click on the first option shown in this first picture, the second window screen will open in front of you.

which is shown below.

In this, you have to copy and paste the URL of that YouTube video page. And click on the convert option.

Your video will be automatically selected as Mp3 or on whatever option you like.

It will be downloaded.

You have learned how to convert YouTube videos to MP3. It is quite easy. You can easily convert video to MP3 or even to MP4 by the following method.
It is not that there is no online software.

You will find thousands of such software by searching on google. You just need to know how to search.

Apart from this, I will also tell you the best app software which you can install directly from the google play store on mobile. You can convert youtube videos to Mp3 or other formats.

I’m going to tell you the way. With this, you can install any YouTube video to MP3 converter apps from the play store directly on your mobile and by using it you can convert any YouTube video to MP3.

Open the play store and type in its search box.
YouTube Video to MP3 Converter Apps.

Many options will come in front of you.
You can easily install apps from it.

Final Words – In the above post, we have taught you easy ways that how you can convert YouTube videos to MP3 that too very easily.

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