How to download YouTube videos..or how to download YouTube videos without any software… 2024

                                How to download YouTube videos in 2024

So friends, if you want to download videos from YouTube and you do not have any knowledge about this, then how can you do it. Through this article, we will tell you which is the easiest method to download videos from YouTube. 
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You will get complete information about this.
We keep watching videos on YouTube many times, but what if you want to watch the same video again. Its simple solution is that you can download that YouTube video and watch it as many times as you want on your mobile or laptop.
How can you download YouTube videos on mobile?
You can see the below screenshots.
In the lower part of the YouTube video, two options of download and share will be found, which you can download from the first right-side option.
This is quite easy.
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So on the second screen, it is shown that downloading is happening. As soon as it is complete, the video will be downloaded.
The third screen shows that the video has been downloaded. It is completed, you can watch it on your mobile.
By clicking on the three dots on the right side of the video, the following screen will appear.
With this, you can see the quality of the video. In which quality you want to download that video, mostly you will get three types of options.
1. data saver
2. Standard quality
3 . More, High quality
You can download videos in any of these three qualities.
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