YouTube Studio or YouTube advanced settings for mobile 2024

YouTube studio –

What is YouTube Studio?

This question must have come to your mind what is YouTube Studio after all?

Let me inform you that YouTube has created this app to manage your YouTube channel. With this, you can completely control your channel.

Also, you can also analyze and monetize your channel, etc.

We have given you the details of the settings in YouTube Studio through this post.

Talking about YouTube’s advanced settings, there are two things in this, one is YouTube and the other is the YouTube setting.

Both of these are very important for your channel because if you have good knowledge about every setting or YouTube advanced settings of YouTube, then only you can manage your own channel easily.

You will be able to manage your YouTube channels easily.

In this blog, we have given you the advanced settings of YouTube Studio for PC.

Already been explained in a post. We have given its link below.

If seen, YouTube Advanced Settings is not a small topic, it includes PC settings as well as mobile settings

We will cover the essential points of YouTube’s advanced settings

for example…

Where are the advanced
settings on YouTube Studio?

Where is the advanced

How do I get to
settings on YouTube Studio?

How do I get to my
YouTube account settings?


So if you want to know how to open the YouTube advanced settings or YouTube Studio, then for this you can go to our first written post, 

we are giving its link below. ,

How to find YouTube Advanced Settings and How we use that…

You will get a lot of information related to YouTube’s advanced settings.
 YouTube Studio advanced settings for mobile
Now let’s talk about YouTube Studio Advanced Settings for Mobile. ,
That’s how we can open and use this mobile setting.
If you open YouTube studio apps on mobile then.,
 The interface shown below will open.
These are the basic and advanced settings of YouTube Studio apps till now on mobile.
We will give details about each one.
Dashboard – As you see in the picture, the screen of the dashboard provides you with a lot of information. for example,..
1. Channel Name.
2. How many subscribers does the channel have?
3. Channel views and watches time.
4. Latest comments
The second option is Content
This is also an important function of YouTube Studio, this option gives you information about all the content of your channel. for example
1. Video,
2. shorts 
3. Live,
4. playlists etc.
Apart from this, you can also edit and delete any video from the channel with this option.
And you can see the performance of any video.
More advanced YouTube settings will be seen in the content option. such as visibility, views, and Sort By.
The third option is Analytics. In this feature of YouTube Studio, the advanced settings of your channel are given below…
1. Complete overview
2. Content
3. Audience
Performance  of top five video views
Real-time performance of newly uploaded videos
Content such as shorts and long videos
With all
Complete audience information such as location, forward, gender, etc.
And some more advanced settings options will be available.
Well, the more you see the interface, the sooner you will understand.
By the way, you can not call analytics a common option because, with the help of this, you can see and manage the complete performance of your channel.
For channel growth, you need to know analytics better.
Talk about the fourth option, which is the Comment section option.
With this option, you can easily manage all the comments on the channel.
  You can remove the likes section and hide comments etc.
There are some advanced settings in the comment section as well. Which you will know from the screenshot given below.
Monetise Option This option has just been added to YouTube Studio.
As the name suggests, you will get all the settings related to running ads on the YouTube channels on this option.
 Earlier, a PC was required for all this.
If seen, it includes the benefits of the YouTube Partner Program and
How to join it (HOW TO JOIN), all the necessary conditions relating to this will be known.
In this, you can see the number of subscribers and how much watch time is left.
You will be able to see easily.
So readers as you already know by reading this post.
What are the advanced settings of YouTube Studio Apps and how to access them?
We have told you about all its options in detail.
Also, what do you want information about, please tell me by commenting on it.
Thank you

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